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Become a Corporate Partner

A corporate partnership with CanadianSME Small Business Foundation will add value to your business, proclaim positive publicity and help you in achieving your corporate social responsibility objectives.

Partnering with us will have multiple benefits. Your generous support will help us reach out to many SMEs and continue changing the lives of the people associated with them.

At CanadianSME, we tailor partnerships to meet the goals of all Corporate Donors while also achieving our target to reach out and aid the maximum number of SMEs. We strive at making partnerships that align with the business goals of every company.

Why become a Corporate Partner? The answer in one word – IMPACT. CanadianSME is the leading non-profit that is working towards giving life to dying SMEs amidst the global lock-down. With partners like you, we aim at providing financial assistance and serve more SMEs than any other non-profit in the country. By working with our community of donors and partners you can provide the much-needed aid to workers nationwide. By partnering with us, you are investing in the lives of fellow Canadians who have been affected by the pandemic. Your help ensures that everybody in need during this crisis is empowered to keep their business running.