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As COVID-19 continues to shut the doors of Canadian Small Businesses, the impact on the Canadian economy will be far-reaching if we fail to act and support this cause. Small businesses in Canada make up more than 97% of all Canadian companies and are the backbone of employment, job creation, innovation and opportunity.

On the impact this worldwide pandemic has on Canadian small business, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) made the following statement:

“March 2020 has turned out to be a month like no other in Canada’s economic history. Small business sentiment has never been this low in the Business Barometer’s 32-year history, including during the 2008 and 1990 recessions”

No doubt the Canadian economy will experience a massive hit. We will recover. How long that will take depends on how we come together, collaborate and face the challenges that lie ahead. Moving forward will require the coming together of ideation, direction, investment of time, capital and sweat equity. We believe, “Together, Moving Forward”.

Since our launch just over two years ago, CanadianSME remains committed to the vibrancy and success of small and medium-sized businesses. We will continue to gather bright minds and to partner with industry leaders and government officials to roll out resources and content that will directly lead to prosperity for all. We strongly believe when Canadian SMEs succeed, Canada succeeds.

Launched by CanadianSME Business Magazine, the CanadianSME Small Business Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to fund programming for SMEs across the country. Qualifying small businesses can receive up to $5,000 to aid in these challenging times. Please reach out to find out how to qualify…


Remember the struggles and challenges you faced when you launching your business? Hold onto the reasons you initiated your journey. The same passion you tapped into to get your business going, is the same passion that will help your business to last and keep growing. This will pass. Our mandate now more than ever, “Together, Moving Forward”.

If you are a Canadian Corporation interested in donating to the CanadianSME Small Business Foundation, email for details. Your support and contributions at this time will show the world, the country and Canadian SMEs that we are resilient and will continue to be an economic force for the next decade and beyond.



Empowering Canadian Small & Medium Enterprises

CanadianSME Magazine was created through the passion and admiration for entrepreneurs. With SMEs playing such a crucial role in Canada’s business industry and contributing greatly to the economy, CanadianSME was built to provide a much-needed support system for hard working business owners.


Because we understand the importance of SMEs when it comes to building a stronger more diverse economy and that they can initiate job creation and growth, we’ve created a platform that provides support and expertise knowledge to these entrepreneurs. By taking the time to research important content that we believe can be beneficial for entrepreneurs, we are ensuring that their entrepreneurship journey is successful.



The Fastest Growing B2B Platfrom in Canada


Canada Business Talks is a new concept in bringing influential people in the business world together so they can share their thoughts and learn from one another.

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The CanadianSME Business Awards took place on January 28th 2020. We are very pleased with the turnaround of the event as it was extremely successful.

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CanadianSME is a proud supporter of small and medium-sized businesses across Canada. We are excited to introduce the first ever CanadianSME Business Expo 2020 in Toronto.

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Business Magazine

Cmarketing Inc signifies to empower the Canadian SME’s and aims to pursue the mission by launching a beneficial magazine that will aid in equipping the SME’s with expert insights. The magazine  incorporates powerful content that provides a shelter to all the business needs of small and medium scaled enterprises.

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CanadianSME will select and evaluate, along with our strategic partners, the best 100 Canadian SMEs. The selection will be based on their overall performance in Innovation, Governance and Employee engagement among others.


CanadianSME has one vision: to help Canadian small and medium sized enterprises become more successful. CanadianSME has launched the SME Business Growth Package for Canadian small and medium businesses across Canada.

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